For years, I have had neck problems. My neck pain kept getting worse. My arm started going numb. A friend recommended Dr. Cooper. After my first visit, I noticed a great relief in my symptoms. The aggressive care, in my case, has improved my quality of life. I can now sleep comfortably and my days are pain free. The massages are very helpful too. Thanks to all the staff at Carolina Chiropractic!! – Melissa P

I have been treated by Dr. Cooper for more than one year. His knowledge and practice of chiropractic is quite impressive. He is a very warm and effective professional….I highly recommend Dr. Cooper to anyone due to his finely skilled treatments! – Bob B.

Initially I came to Carolina Chiropractic & Wellness because of hip pain. After only two visits, I noticed other benefits: I slept better, was not stiff in the morning, did not feel that “catch” in my neck and shoulders, and did not have any more heaches. Now I wonder why I waited so long to make that first appointment with Dr. Cooper! – E. Howie

Dr. Cooper is amazing! I currently have scoliosis and whenever I go to him my back feels twenty times better. I’m so glad I go to him. – Emily K

When I first came to see Dr. Cooper I had not been treated for a couple of years for soft tissue injuries from a car accident several years earlier. I was in a lot of pain when I first came in and I felt MUCH better after that very first visit! Dr. Cooper is an excellent chiropractor (and I have been to several). – L. Matthews

Dr. Cooper and Marcia are wonderful. They have compassion and care about their patients. He has helped me a lot and now my husband comes to him also. – N. Kay